Agua Furiosa/Dancing Chemical Reactions

Auga Furiosa/Dancing Chemical Reactions

Flag Hall Stage


NC State

The NC State Dance Program will present two distinct performances, Dancing Chemical Reactions and Agua Furiosa.

Dancing Chemical Reactions is a project between Dance Director, Tara Mullins and the NCSU Dance Company; Dr. Maria Gallardo-Williams and Chemistry Department students; Dr. Holly L. Menninger, Director of Public Science, College of Sciences; Amy Sawyers-Williams, Arts NC State, Arts Outreach; with support from Arts NC State. Dancing Chemical Reactions premiered at the State of Sciences in the Hunt Library on April 21st. Tara Mullins, with assistance from Dr. Gallardo-Williams’ chemistry students and Dance Program science majors, choreographed two dance pieces that demonstrated the Sn1 and Sn2 substitution reactions. The dances are factually accurate to the specific chemical reactions, yet aesthetically engaging, in order to demonstrate to the audience and the students an innovative way to merge STEM and the Arts in order to enhance the learning process.

Agua Furiosa, choreographed on NC State's Panoramic Dance Project by founder and director of LA based CONTRA-TIEMPO Ana Maria Alvarez, was inspired by Shakespeare’s The Tempest and Oya, the Afro-Cuban deity of wind and storms and blends salsa, Afro-Cuban movement, hip-hop and other forms of contemporary dance. The choreography deals with the harsh realities of race (Black Lives Matter), economic inequity, gun violence (“Hands up don’t shoot”) and other issues by presenting the forces of nature as a metaphor for social justice.