Beat Making Lab Demo

Beat Making Lab Demo

Flag Hall Stage




UNC-Chapel Hill


Making music is like making life. “You tell people a story about your life through music and you actually touch people,” Kalil Davis, Beat Making Lab Student. This part of the installation will feature UNC’s Beat Making Lab. Beat Making Lab is a program to build music studios around the world in cultural and community centers, teaching youth in the art of beat making. Beat Making Lab is an electronic music studio small enough to fit in a backpack. The Beat Making Lab concept grew out of a fall 2011 class of UNC when the University’s Music Department Chair Mark Katz invited a local producer Stephen “Apple Juice Kid” Levitin to one of his classes as a guest lecturer. That Class eventually evolved into a full blow music production. Within a few months, the idea of creating an IndieGoGo campaign to fund an international Beat Making Lab in the Democratic Republic of Congo was born. The Beat Making Lab collaborates with communities all around the world to use the art of music to communicate, teach and inspire. The goals of the program include cultural exchange, innovative collaboration, and social/entrepreneurial impact. This performance will feature students and beat artists interacting with the audience to create music using the equipment that they employ in cultural exchange workshops around the world.