Creative Collisions

Creative Collisions



Art & Technology


Georgia Tech


Researchers: Clint Zeagler, Laura Levy
Artists: Katherine Helen Fisher, Shimmy Boyle

This project is a collaboration between students and faculty at Georgia Tech and artist Katherine H. Fisher to build an interactive garment that engages audience participation in an artistic performance piece. The garment, Le Monstre, is a fun romping Fraggle Rock-type creation that includes touch sensors, stretch sensors, distance sensors, and accelerometers. Here we display the garment and show a professional video of its use in performance, including interactions. The garment also has interactive capabilities while on display. This work builds on a completed transdisciplinary project, The Hood, between the Georgia Tech Wearable Computing Center and Rhó, an Italian musician. The Hood uses interactive textiles to create a wearable musical instrument. On display are both The Hood and Le Monstre.These projects have offered opportunities for artists to learn about engineering and technology creative processes, while also allowing experts in engineering and technology to see first-hand what artists need to connect with broad audiences in their artistic process and practice.