Dense Space: Il Mobile Featuring Beyond the Dark

Dense Space: Il Mobile Featuring Beyond the Dark



Art & Technology


Virginia Tech


Researchers: Paola Zellner Bassett, Charles Nichols, Adam Burke, Kelsey, and George Hardebeck

The audiovisual immersive environment seeks to manipulate the visitor’s perception of physical space by blurring spatial boundaries and challenging spatial depth.

Dense Space explores the use of linear fiber material to generate netted volumes that, in their interplay with light and motion, densify the space of the installation. This piece is composed of spheres of varied sizes made of epoxy-impregnated glass fiber that when illuminated by stereo light sources cast shadows perceived as three-dimensional shadows (anaglyph 3D shadows) when seen through 3D glasses. The anaglyph 3D shadows make the boundary and depth of space uncertain and the actual location of objects in space ambiguous. The shadows appear as additional objects floating in the space of the installation, thereby densifying the dimly lit space.

The accompanying soundtrack, Beyond the Dark, composed by music faculty member and Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology (ICAT) Fellow Charles Nichols, is a multichannel piece looping 22 minutes of synthesized sound. Layers of low pulsing textures and sustained melodies punctuated by pulsing bursts are spatialized by speakers along the perimeter of the space, immersing the visitor in an expanding and contracting sound-scape. This project is supported by an ICAT SEAD Grant.