Robot-Assisted Fabrication

Design Robotics: Robot-Assisted Fabrication





Virginia Tech


Researchers: Chris Williams, Joseph Kubalak, Cam Buss, Nathan King, and Ed Coe

This exhibit demonstrates interdisciplinary research in the application of digital design and robotic fabrication processes to realize geometrically complex artifacts with applications in architecture and engineering. The exhibit features displays of completed work as well as a demonstration of a large-scale robotic arm 3D printing system. The exhibit takes place inside an experimental wooden grid shell structure that was fabricated using state-of-the art collaborative robotic fabrication techniques and a merger of traditional craftsmanship and computationally driven manufacturing processes. Additional pieces include sculpted foam structures made via robotic 3D hot-wire cutting, 3D-printed glass made via robotic deposition of molten glass, and large-scale 3D-printed composite polymer structures made via robotic extrusion. A six-axis robotic arm material extrusion system prints novel structures during the exhibition to showcase the design and fabrication flexibility afforded by robotic platforms. This project is supported by an Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology SEAD Grant.