REBOOT Laboratory: Dealing with Waste

REBOOT Laboratory: Dealing with Waste





Florida State University


Researchers: Rob Duarte and Matt Jeffs

The REBOOT Laboratory exists at the FSU Facility for Arts Research and serves to provoke discourse about the ways in which we design, produce, and discard the products of our consumer culture. Through the lab’s DIY Resource Recovery project, student researchers, artists, and designers are discovering and developing tools and processes for transforming the waste products of consumerism into designed objects and materials for art-making. Thus far, we have documented processes for transforming PET plastic bottles into materials for woven surfaces and geogrid-like structures. We have also developed low-tech methods of creating structural components and surfaces from recovered LDPE grocery bags. We are in the process of designing and building more tools for granulating, thermoforming, and injection molding of waste materials. These tools, when combined, provide a studio for the creation of art and design objects that not only use waste as a functional material but afford opportunities for considering the ecological, economic, and sociopolitical entanglements associated with consumer culture and its production of waste.

Team Lead: Rob Duarte