EChO: Electronic Chamber Orchestra

EChO: Electronic Chamber Orchestra

Flag Hall Stage




Florida State University


Performers: Mark Wingate
Logan Castro
Aaron Spotts

Florida State University’s EChO (Electronic Chamber Orchestra) is a first of its kind ensemble in both sound and instrumentation. EChO is comprised of entirely electric instruments with no resonating bodies. The ensemble performs in groupings from two to ten musicians and may include an electric string quintet (two violins, viola, cello, and bass), two electric wind instruments, or EWI’s, a Kurzweil keyboard, and an electric percussion section that consists of a XyloSynth and an Octapad. All of the instruments are processed through a computer with a technician applying various effects in real time. EChO is on the forefront of merging electronics and acoustic performance in a classical setting, presenting music composed and performed by FSU music students.

Team Lead: Mark Wingate