Emotion in Motion

Emotion in Motion



Art & Technology


Virginia Tech


Researchers: Brennon Bortz, Deba Saha, and Wei Huang

Emotion in Motion is designed to understand the emotional reaction of people to a variety of musical excerpts via self-reported questionnaires and the recording of electrodermal response (EDR) and pulse oximetry (HR) signals. Your emotions are measured as a part of an ongoing experiment with music, emotion, and physiology. Does your body like music you thought you hated? Using heart-rate monitors and skin conductance, the experiment reads your physical response to a selection of music samples. Participants listen to a 90-second music clip through headphones and can view their body's physiological respond to the music. The project is the world's largest database of physiological data. This project is supported by an Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology SEAD Grant.