Immersion in Physics and Fiction

Immersion in Physics and Fiction: VR Cinema as a Tool for Storytelling and Science



Art & Technology


Florida State University


Researchers: Jonathan Stone, Ron Honn, Tom Mikota, Geoff Stegmeyer, Kristin Roberts, Tim Murphy, and Andrew Syder

The Florida State University College of Motion Picture Arts in collaboration with the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory will be presenting sample works from an educational documentary film that will explore utilization of virtual and augmented reality as tools to teach and communicate technical concepts in the area of high magnetic field science and technology. In addition, the College of Motion Picture Arts will be presenting an experimental virtual reality film titled "Static". The intent of the experimental film was to explore how traditional cinematic storytelling might be impacted by the ability of the viewer to be placed in a 360-degree setting, and the technological challenges that go with working in this medium.

Team Leads: Ron Honn, Jonathan Stone