Innovation in Pharmacy Simulations and Artificial Intelligence

Innovation in Pharmacy Simulations and Artificial Intelligence



Health & Body


University of North Carolina


Serious games meets pharmacy: this installation would feature the University of North Carolina’s (UNC) Center for Innovation in Pharmacy Simulations (CIPS). CIPS is tasked with developing a state-of-the-art, data-driven platform in support of all major missions of the School of Pharmacy. The simulations tools developed at the center are based on serious gaming concepts to enhance all phases of education and pharmaceutical research, including medication discovery, delivery, optimization, assessment, and practice.

Art of medicine combined with the technology of artificial intelligence to diagnose patients: artificial intelligence is positioned to be a game-changing development with IBM’s Watson. This installation will show how a UNC cancer center research study that paired UNCseq, which produces volumes of genetic information from a patient’s tumor, with IBM's Watson to quickly pull information from millions of medical papers that could be potentially relevant for a patient. This will show how UNC Lineberger and other organizations have used the artificial intelligence to address some of the most challenging questions facing their industry.