Art & Technology


Boston College


Researchers: Joseph Nugent, Matt Harty, Liam Weir, Emaad Ali, Jacob Schafer, Ryan Bradley, and Charles Cohen

What’s the future for James Joyce’s Ulysses? Can we imagine an immersive virtual reality 3D experience of its chapters? This is a digital humanities project that brings a series of analytical and creative tools to bear on the space of this preposterous book. Using all the critical, creative, and technical skills we can assemble with mapping, network analysis, databases, and timelines; using 3D modeling and photography; using our drone; and ultimately, employing game engine technology, we’ll construct a number of immersive experiences of scenes from the novel for viewing on Oculus Rift. In this highly experimental, project-orientated advanced topic seminar, students work in groups to research, design, and produce two products: a 3D game based on James Joyce’s Ulysses and a dynamic website to showcase the work of the class. But the primary goal is to engage energetically with Joyce’s great work in as novel a way as possible.