Making and Advanced Manufacturing in the New Economy

Making and Advanced Manufacturing in the New Economy





University of North Carolina


Making and Advanced Manufacturing in the New Economy demonstrates the impact making and advanced manufacturing will have on the economy. Did you know there are mushrooms that grow faster then the time it takes for some 3D printers to produce one output? Not only that, printed parts are mechanically weak, so it’s not feasible to use 3D printing to mass produce products. Inspired by Terminator 2, University of North Carolina’s (UNC) professor Joe DeSimone has designed a powerful new tool that harnesses light and oxygen to “grow parts.” This groundbreaking technology brings together high design with state-of-the-art material science and engineering to create and manufacturer 100 times faster than the current standard and has the ability to change manufacturing forever.

The Pepakura Design Workshop allows you to create your own paper models easily from 3D data used in 3D CG software. UNC faculty and staff will use the 3D paper design tool Pepakura to create cut-and-paste models that can be assembled from just paper and glue.

In Structure from Motion, use a digital camera to create a series of 2D images that can be transformed into a 3D model. UNC will introduce Structure from Motion as a method for constructing 3D models of objects, architecture, and landscapes using digital photography and discuss guidelines and strategies for taking indoor and outdoor photographs sufficient for this purpose.