Salt Marsh Suite

Salt Marsh Suite

Coulter Stage




Virginia Tech


Performers: Salt Marsh Suite, Claire Constantikes, Rachel Grant Rugh, Olivia Bowers, Patrick Turner, Celeste Miller, Carol Burch-Brown, Ann Kilkelly, and Cambria Zapf-Macmillan

Salt Marsh Suite, directed by Carol Burch-Brown and Ann Kilkelly, is a collaborative, inter-media arts installation and dance performance based on fieldwork, data collection, and close observation of a North Carolina coastal estuary. The project combines art, science, and technology in an immersive environment, engaging viewers in the beautiful, almost magical quality of the tidal marsh and the life within it, while giving a sense of the vulnerability of the marsh habitat. Close observation of phenomena sustained over time is at the core of both art and science. Technological tools extend our physical observation and also our capacity to give imaginative form to aspects of the world that we can't see or know directly.