Smart Shopping Companion Robot

Smart Shopping Companion Robot



Health & Body


Clemson University


Researchers: Yunyi Jia, Longxiang Guo, Nikhil Sharma, Surabhi Sharma, Vipul Guglani

Smart Shopping Companion Robot is aimed towards providing an innovative solution to people with limited mobility by providing a hands-free shopping experience. Such a robotic assistance can ease out the daily chores of people with restricted mobility, who hold a significant proportion of the total population today. The cart tracks the person’s movements and moves accordingly. This robot is cost effective, and its usage can be extended to various applications, such as shopping malls, airports, or industrial applications. All the components of this cart are designed with parametric model that makes it possible to be modified for various applications. This provides flexibility in design and controls and can be quickly optimized to meet the requirements of the individual. The project is an outcome of the multidisciplinary curriculum in Clemson University International Center for Automatic Research (CU-ICAR). The idea originated from Dee Kivett's course (AuE 880 Project Design and Management) and was implemented based on the knowledge from Yunyi Jia's course (AuE 835 Automotive Electronics Integration)