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_mpathic design

University of Virginia

_mpathic design is an award-winning empathy-focused way of teaching, thinking, and designing, uncovering often untold, marginalized narratives in the built environment. Active since 2016, _mpathic design’s approaches and methods guide architectural design studios, community-engaged seminars, and professional design projects. The exhibition shares innovative work throughout the nation in complex natural, social, cultural, historical, economic, and political contexts. Visitors experience a demonstration of the _mpathic design thinking essential for designing for an equitable and inclusive world. The exhibition invites you to rethink the present by acknowledging and understanding the past, with models to co-create inclusive design futures.


  • Elgin Cleckley
  • Jody Kielbasa
  • Elgin Cleckley
  • Sam Ashkani
  • Nicole Straego
  • Abduref Hussein
  • Alissa Diamond
  • Michelle Tran
  • Elgin Cleckley