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Fake News, Fact-checking, and
Facebook: Teaching misinformation and disinformation in the perfect storm

Wake Forest University

During 2020 and 2021 librarians at Wake Forest undertook two First Year Seminars and a half-semester course that tackled issues in our modern day information ecosystems: algorithms, fact checking, privacy, mis/disinformation, social media and mental health, and much more. What we did not know as we were planning these courses, is that we would be teaching them in the middle of a perfect storm of information chaos. Elections, racial equity protests, and a worldwide pandemic gave a new sense of urgency to what we taught, and we got creative! Whether it was using memes as a way of explaining how mis- and disinformation spread, or having students act out cognitive biases and logical fallacies, we did our best to make the content relevant and engaging. Our booth for the ACCelerate Festival will have some meme fact-checking quizzes, a ‘get to know your cognitive biases/logical fallacies’ wheel, examples of some online interactive games that demonstrate our concepts, as well as information about how algorithms impact what we see and how we feel.


  • Tim Pyatt
  • Rosalind Tedford
  • Hubert Womack
  • Amanda Kaufman
  • Meghan Webb
  • Christa Dutton
  • Emily Mann
  • Kelly Neidereither
  • Ethan Harrison
  • Kylie Newman
  • Katie Burrill
  • Hannah Brown
  • Grace Murphy
  • Anna Keller
  • Caliway Buchanan

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