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Fargates for bridging people,
places, and digital content

Clemson University

Throughout history, architectural gates have given physical and conceptual shape to human habitation. E.g., the Fargate of Sheffield, outside the castle at the confluence of two rivers, likely dates to at least 1200 AD, as an amalgam of protection, commerce, and social interaction. Our Fargates are a platform for physically and digitally bridging people, places, and content. They weave bands of multitouch screens and illuminated interactive paper with constellations of tangible interaction devices, all upon an illuminated, remotely-linked floor. These enable interaction with varied scientific and general information, and with people at remote Fargate installations. We believe Fargates illustrate a promising path toward architectural engagement with remote people and information.


  • Brygg Ullmer
  • Winifred E. Newman
  • Miriam K. Konkel
  • John Griffin
  • Timothy Shan Sutherland
  • Sida Dai
  • Mitali S Bhosekar
  • Joshua Graham
  • Kyle Kane
  • Laila Shafiee
  • Aika Washington
  • Dan Roberts