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Innovation, Design, and Startups
@ Syracuse University

Make your ideas real!

Syracuse University has entrepreneurship programs in digital media, law and innovation, industrial design, engineering, social entrepreneurship, and information technology. We build websites, smartphone applications, products, services, businesses, and nonprofit organizations.

The Innovation, Design, and Startups (IDS) program courses include What’s the Big Idea? Students create new toy ideas, games, innovate existing products, and create a big idea at the end of the semester. The Syracuse University display at The ACCelerate Creativity+Innovation Festival features our process for creating new toys and videos of our student idea pitches. Stop by and create your new toy or game idea.

Other courses in the IDS program include Idea2Startup, where students learn how to take an idea and start a business or nonprofit organization, and iLaunchPad, where students accelerate their venture to acquire customers, clients, or investors.
For more information about our ventures and courses ask one of our Syracuse Student Innovators at the IDS booth.

The IDS courses and minor work in partnership with the Blackstone LaunchPad. The LaunchPad provides coaching, mentors, and runs the business plan competitions at Syracuse University. For more information on the LaunchPad visit https://launchpad.syr.edu/

If you are a creativity, innovative, or entrepreneurial high school student, come join us for a Summer College class in innovation and startups. https://precollege.syr.edu/

If you want to know more about Syracuse University email Professor Kingma at brkingma@syr.edu


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