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Penguineering Robotics

Florida State University

Our research works to advance biomechanics and robotics through the study of penguins. We conduct studies with actual penguins to better understand how they achieve their energy efficient stable waddling. These findings help inspire our robot designs. At our cool exhibit you can learn about penguins through educational coloring sheets and our 3D printed penguin skeleton. Investigate the physics behind our robots by racing our penguin waddlers down the runway- all they need is a small push to get started! Check out the penguin robots and sing along with our educational penguin tune. Lastly, don’t forget to get an ice picture with our mascot- Flurry the emperor penguin!


  • Ken Baldauf
  • Elizabeth Schutte
  • Stacy Ashlyn
  • Ryan Dingman
  • Kindle Hon
  • Hunter Kramer
  • Taylor Hubbard