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Shared Space, Shared History

Florida State University

Shared Space/Shared History explores how movement practices and civic dialogue intersect, support each other, and deepen human consciousness. The interactive installation engages conversation about the politics of identity and establishes a space where participants can connect to their senses, their bodies, and their personal history. Investing in the belief that the body and its actions are vehicles for social change, this project explores how attending to our bodies prepares us to better navigate divisive situations. This is a space where play, connection, and expression are encouraged. https://vimeo.com/546551052


  • Tiffany Rhynard
  • Ken Baldauf
  • Linxin “Kisa” Li
  • Jeremy Guyton
  • Maria White
  • Jennifer Petuch
  • Danie Etienne
  • Rafael Tillery
  • Farai Malianga