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Viral Outbreaks: Preparation and
Prevention in a Connected World

Wake Forest University

As we are experiencing, viral outbreaks can lead to pandemics in a world where humans, animals, and ecosystems are interconnected. During the fall of 2018 and 2019 in Dr. Lord’s first-year seminar class, students explored recent pandemics caused by Ebola, Zika, HIV, and Influenza viruses, identifying factors other than just the virus that contributed to these pandemics. Using what they learned and with the help of Smithsonian Natural History Museum DIY Viral Outbreak materials, students designed viral outbreak exhibit to educate other students and the public about viral outbreaks. Little did we know that we would experience an actual pandemic beginning in late 2019 caused by a new novel virus, SARS-CoV-2. Come discover what you can do to prepare and prevent future viral outbreaks and pandemics.


  • Tim Pyatt
  • Lindsay Amann
  • Olivia Passe
  • Abby Wilder
  • Kylee Rappaport
  • Katherine Parsons
  • Carter Bell
  • Tripp Causby
  • William Zsembik
  • Sarah Thompson
  • Ellie Bedingham
  • Pat Lord
  • Caroline Zack